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.  Robustly Engineered In The UK

.  HIgh Tensile 

.  Excellent For De-Thatching, Aerate, regenerate Growth To Increase Yeilds

.  Mounted Versions Come With Heavy Duty 3 Point linkage Frame

.  Hydraulic Version With heavy duty Ram And Mounts 

.  Unique Trip Mechanism Allows Wings To Float

.  When folded It Allows For Restricted Access

.  Available On 12Ft To 20Ft Frames  

Model Code           Dimension
BP504MH          12ft wide mat
BP505MH          14ft wide mat
BP506MH          16ft wide mat
BP509MH          20ft wide mat


The main image featured is BP509MH 20ft. The 3 additional images that follow are BP506MH 16ft.