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.  Robustly Engineered In The UK

.  HIgh Tensile 

.  Excellent For Ripping Out Moss, Speading Muck, Rolling Twitch, Levelling Mole Hils

.  Ideal For Arduous Tough Pasture Land

.  Mounted Versions Come With Heavy Duty 3 Point linkage Frame

.  Hydraulic Version With heavy duty Ram And Mounts 

.  Unique Trip Mechanism Allows Wings To Float

.  When folded It Allows For Restricted Access

Model illustrated is CS14M

Model Code                  Dimension
CS 12 MH 3.66 MTR (12ft) X 2.44 MTR
CS 14 MH 4.27 MTR (14ft) X 2.44 MTR
CS 16 MH 4.88 MTR (16ft) X 2.44 MTR
CS 20 MH 6.09 MTR (20ft) X 2.44 MTR