Product Code: BPR 200L
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Robust Box Section construction fitted with hardwood bearings for durability and shock absorption.

  •  Easy accessible greasing points
  •  6mm thick drum wall and heavy duty drum spindles
  •  Drums are air tested after manufacture to ensure no leaks
  •  Weight can be increased by water ballast via 1" BSP bung
  •  Hitch eye for towing
  •  3 Point linkage for ease of movement (Unladen)
  •  Shoe stand for storage
  •  390 Kgs Approx. Unladen
  •  910 Kgs Approx. With ballast
  •  Scraper blade fitted as standard

This Compact Land Roller has a 3 point linkage. 

 Please note: Drain water through Winter months or when unused for long periods.